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Horse Fence


We've put together several packages based on a 15 acre pasture (3280 ft) to assist you in choosing the correct materials and quantity to complete your project. Our example packages can be modified to suit your needs and preferences. These examples do not include all electrical components.

To get a material estimate for your property, fax a drawing to 800-418-6631. Be sure to include: type of fence you would like quoted, perimeter (in feet) and number of gate openings required.

Horse Rail Coted Wire Hotecote Horsecote Rope Fence

Horse Rail

Horse Rail is a low-maintenance, long life fence and will handle abuse better than any other type of rail fence you can buy. Posts should be no more than 12 feet apart and the ends and corners must be braced well to handle the abuse this fence can take. Each rail has 2 or 3 strands (depending on rail height) of our top grade 210,000 minimum PSI heavy galvanized high tensile wire. Colors include white, brown, and black.

Coated Wire

Plastic coated white wire, like Hotcote, that can be electrified. The black plastic core is conductive and comes to the surface in 3 narrow lines. The rest of the surface is white UV resistant plastic. It looks white from 20 feet away. (we also carry brown and black coated wire) This wire adds electric, visibility, safety and good looks to any fence. HotCote is also made with our high strength USA 200 KSI 12 ½ gauge wire as the core. It is available in white 1320 foot coils.

Rope Fence

(RO4) is 4 times more conductive than (RO2) or 9 strand NZ twine since the stainless steel conductors are .4 mm diameter compared to .16 mm. If the fence is several miles long, the (RO4C) rope with copper conductors may be helpful. We do not recommend copper conductors in most situations since stainless steel will handle much more abuse.
High Tensile Fence Safe Fence Tape Fence  

High Tensile

High Tensile fencing is very low in cost when you compare it to other options, especially when considering its life expectancy.You could put up the fence today and likely never need to replace it in your lifetime.

Safe Fence

Safe-Fence 1 1/2 " wide electric tape has 15 strands of 12 mil stainless steel wires for excellent conductivity. With UV stabilized polyethylene and unmatched breaking strength, this tape is durable and easy to maintain. Limited 20 year warranty. Comes in white and black.